Trot & Canter Lengthening lesson with Doug Payne, a Flatwork Skill lesson in Ride iQ's mobile app

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Doug Payne patting his horse Quinn in a show jumping ring

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Doug Payne jumps a bay horse in show jumping wearing a Purina saddle pad and a grey jacket
Doug Payne
Ride iQ coach, US Olympian
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Whether you're doing a flat school, a jump school, or you want to learn how to get the best mark on every movement in your dressage test, Ride iQ has you covered.​

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The best riders and coaches in the world have worked a lifetime to develop the expertise that got them to the top of their sport. More riders deserve to learn from these coaches (yes, you!), and these coaches deserve an impact that goes far beyond 1:1 coaching and mentorship.

Ride iQ gives broad access to the best instruction in the world for the benefit of upcoming riders and their horses.

Ride iQ will elevate global standards for equestrian partnerships and performances by making the most effective and compassionate coaching available to everyone.

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