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Frequently Asked Questions


Ride iQ is for English disciplines, specifically Eventing, Hunter/Jumpers, and Dressage. The app includes top coaches from each of those three disciplines.

Right now, there are ~300 lessons to choose from on the app. New lessons are added every Tuesday at 10am ET. Lessons are not removed from the app, so the library will continue to grow.

Ride iQ is for riders of all levels, ages, and aspirations!

The lessons span from all-walk beginner lessons to lessons focused on perfecting upper level movements. Our members include young kids learning how to ride all the way to professionals who are using Ride iQ during their training rides. If you’re worried there won’t be lessons for you, worry-no-more! We have you covered.

Any wireless headphones you like will work great! If you’re looking to buy a pair, we recommend Aftershokz headphones. Aftershokz use bone conduction technology so you can hear your audio lesson without having buds directly in your ears. They’re comfortable under a helmet and can withstand the wear and tear of activity. There are a few models to choose from–they all work great, including the least expensive Open Move model ($80).

If you prefer a bluetooth speaker, we recommend the Noxgear 39g Wearable Bluetooth Speaker (named 39g because it only weighs 39 grams). Yes, wearable! You can clip this lightweight speaker to your shirt and carry-on without distraction–no-bounce guaranteed!

You have options!

Runners Belts

Breeches with Pockets

These options are women’s breeches. Men, breeches with pockets probably isn’t your best bet! Here are some we like:

Phone Holsters

Every Office Hours is recorded and posted on the Ride iQ app in the “Podcasts” section. If you can’t make it, but you have a question for a Ride iQ coach you’d like included, you can share that via the Facebook group or on Instagram @rideiqofficial.

You heard right! “Office Hours” happen every Tuesday evening, usually at 7pm ET depending on the featured coach’s schedule. You’ll receive an email Every Tuesday at 10am ET with an invitation and the link to join. That information will also be posted in the Private Ride iQ Member Facebook group.

Office Hours take place on Zoom. The featured coach(es) and the Ride iQ Co-Founders have their cameras on, but all attendees’ cameras are automatically off (phew!). Attendees submit questions via the chat feature.

Just search “Private Ride iQ Member Community on Facebook and request to join. We’re excited to have you there!

Jessa and McKinsey Lux are Co-Founders and would love to hear from you. You can reach them at [email protected].


Download the Ride iQ mobile app for iPhone or Android by searching “Ride iQ” in the App Store or Google Play Store and choose “Sign up” to get started! Your 14-day free trial will be automatically included.

Every new account automatically includes a 14-day free trial! 

  • Unlimited on-demand audio lessons: Access to the Ride iQ mobile app and the complete library of 200+ audio lessons with new lessons added every Tuesday
  • Visual support and video lessons: Many Ride iQ audio lessons are supported by a 45 second to 6-minute-long video. The app also has full video lessons for members to watch when they aren’t riding
  • In-app private podcasts: Ride iQ private podcasts are both entertaining and educational including interviews with your favorite top riders and experts
  • Weekly live virtual Office Hours: Members have direct access to a Ride iQ coach every week and can ask any questions they have
  • Access to the private FB community: The camaraderie and sense of community within this group is really somethin’! You’ll find Ride iQ coaches and founders here, too!
  • Invitations to Ride iQ sponsored course walks, competition parties, and special virtual events. Ya, you’re VIP.

You have a few options!

  • $29.99/month
  • $79.99/quarter
  • $249.99/year (a 30% savings)

Every membership automatically includes a 14-day free trial.

Nobody likes when this part is difficult, so we’ve made it as easy as possible!

If you signed up here on the website, you can cancel anytime by visiting Account.Ride-iQ.com (or click “Sign Up / Log In” in the upper navigation of this website). No questions asked.

If you signed up via  the mobile app, go to “manage subscriptions” on your phone and click “cancel.” 

If you signed up for your account via the website, visit Account.Ride-iQ.com to manage your account (or click “Sign Up / Log In” in the upper navigation of this website). 


The app is available for iPhone and Android. Just search “Ride iQ” in the App Store or Google Play Store. Direct links to the app: iPhone App, Android App.

Start in the “Lessons” tab on the bottom of the screen. Here, you’ll see 4 categories in the upper bar:

  • Flatwork Lessons
  • Jumping Lessons
  • Dressage Tests
  • Progressive Programs

As a means of getting familiar with the app, start in the Flatwork section (this is where you’ll be first by default). You’ll see a banner for “Flatwork Warmups (ALL)” and “Flatwork Skills (ALL)”. Click the warmups banner to see all the lessons you can take right when you get on your horse. Similarly, if you click the skills banner, you’ll see the lessons that focus on a specific movement or skill (e.g. Collected Trot or Leg Yield at the Canter). Skill lessons should be taken after you and your horse are warmed up.

You’ll notice every lesson cover has a color to indicate the level: green, yellow, or orange. Lesson levels are indicated by color so as not to be confused with the levels associated with specific disciplines.  You can read more about lesson levels in another Q in the FAQ.

Click on any lesson to view the lesson description, which includes what type of horse/rider the lesson is most suitable for, anything you may want to look at before riding (a diagram or short video clip), and a play-by-play of what to expect during the lesson.

You can also click “…” on this screen to add the lesson to your queue, download the lesson (for listening without service), or to save the lesson to your favorites. If you’re ready to ride, just click Play.

The “Jumping,” “Tests,” and “Programs” tabs along the top of the “Lessons” section are similarly organized.

That’s where you should start, but if you want a more comprehensive tour, keep reading! Now that you have the lay of the land for your on-demand audio lessons, let’s see what else the app has to offer. Click “Visuals” on the bottom bar. This section contains videos, both full video lessons and lesson support clips. Full video lessons will teach you about an important concept (e.g. Seeing a Distance or Introducing a Ditch). You can watch a full video lesson from your couch, the grocery store line, your child’s soccer game…wherever you want! The lesson support clips on the other hand are short videos (30 seconds to 3 minutes) to watch before the corresponding audio lesson. These clips demonstrate what something from the audio lesson should look like before you give it a try. All audio lessons that have video clip supplements include the link in the lesson description – you work hard enough, you don’t need to find those yourself!

You’re learning so much! Let’s keep going! Click the “Podcasts” icon in the bottom bar. Here, you’ll see the different private podcasts Ride iQ includes, and you can click any of the podcast banners to see all the episodes. Warning: these are addicting.

We’re cruising! Click “Library” next. This is where your lesson downloads, favorites, and listening history can be found.

Last but not least: “Settings.” You can see the email address your account is associated with here. There’s also an option to rate the app (please give us five stars!) and to turn Auto-play on or off. When that option is on, the app will automatically play the next lesson in queue or in the playlist. When it is off, the audio will stop after the lesson you’re listening to is completed.

You’re all set! Go give it a try!

If you’re on an iPhone, the search icon, a magnifying glass, is in the top right corner from the Lessons tab and Visuals tab.

If you’re on an Android, you can find the search function within the Visuals tab and the Podcasts tab.

Using the search function will search all of the content on the app including track titles and descriptions.

Great question! Click on the lesson you want to “Favorite” and then click “…” You’ll see a toggle for “Save to Favorites.” Turn the toggle on and that lesson will be saved within the Library section of your app under Favorites for easy access. Voilà!

You can! Click on the lesson you want to download and then click “…” You’ll see a toggle for “Download.” Turn the toggle on and that lesson will be saved within the Library section of your app under Downloads, no service needed!

Visual learners, we have your back! The Ride iQ app includes two types of videos:

  • Lesson support videos: 45 second to 6-minute-long videos that correspond with a specific audio lesson and can be watched before taking that lesson. These videos are in the video library, and they’re also linked in the episode description of the specific audio lesson they accompany.
  • Full video lessons: These are full video lessons you can watch from your couch, the grocery store line, your kid’s soccer game…wherever you want! Topics include things like “Improving your approach to xc fences” and “Seeing a distance.”

Lessons and new podcast episodes are added every Tuesday at 10am ET. You can find a playlist of the recently added lessons in the Flatwork and Jumping sections of the app. Members will receive an email each week with a full list of new releases and there will be a post in the Private Ride iQ Member Community on Facebook.

Nope! Every lesson meets a high standard of quality, correctness, and compassion for horses and riders and is approved by Ride iQ’s content team, led by Kyle Carter. In many cases, multiple lessons will cover the same topic because different exercises and coaches will resonate with different pairs.

Ready to take your schooling to the next level?

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